KIWANIS CLUB of Richmond Hill

The Longest Continuing Kiwanis Club in Queens, Chartered 1927


Our Club in Richmond Hill Woodhaven

The Kiwanis Club of Richmond Hill Woodhaven looks outward as well as inward. It reaches out to attract members from the communities of Richmond Hill, Woodhaven, Kew Gardens and Forest Hills – people of high moral character and concern for human betterment.

Inwardly, it offers its members personal growth through hearty fellowship and teamwork, plus the benefits of many strong friendships. And it turns outward again to deliver an extensive program of civic and benevolent services. It is an outstanding example of comradeship and voluntary action.

Club membership includes those in a wide range of occupations and age groups. Thus it offers the new member an opportunity to become personally acquainted with people of good standing in many vocations, with varied backgrounds and experience.


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